Stamps and Ghosts


Every 3rd Sunday of the month a free Heritage Postal Tour is conducted by Filipina’s Stamp Collectors Club (FSCC) to educate the public about stamp collecting and the history of Manila’s Post Office and the famous Metropolitan Theater. We, the “Analog Nation”, a group of 35 members joined this free tour on February 20, 2011.

First stop was the Manila Central Post Office. It has a neo-classical inspired architecture. We toured the building and this is also where the talk was held. The talk was about the history of stamps in the Philippines. Some of us were kinda bored so we decided to go downstairs to buy some drinks (sorry FSCC). After the talk, they raffled off some 1945-ish stamps and coins. Yey! Free ice-cold juice and crackers for our snack!

And then this is what everyone was waiting for. We crossed the street to the famous Metropolitan Theater which was designed by Juan Arellano (he also designed the Manila Central Post Office). It was opened in 1931 and unfortunately, was closed in 1996 because of ownership issues between the city government and a government insurance company. In 2010, it was reopened by the former president but sadly because of budget constraints for the renovation it is now an abandoned building.

Upon entering the main door of the theater, you can feel your heart beat faster, the hair on the back of your neck stand, you get chills just by looking at the top of the staircase.

We toured the entire building, the hallways were dark and creepy. We went upstairs to the balcony and you can feel somebody’s watching you. Some of us experienced some pretty weird things. Films didn’t advance, camera flashes didn’t work and one of us even felt someone tap her on the shoulder. It was the scariest place I’ve ever been to but it’s also the most beautiful.

Its an honor to tour Metropolitan Theater.

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  1. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    namimiss n'yo na ba ang Analog Nation? hahahaha
    @boobert @superkulisap @projectsnap

  2. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    namimiss n'yo na ba ang Analog Nation? hahahaha
    @boobert @superkulisap @projectsnap

  3. projectsnap
    projectsnap ·

    hahaahha very much!

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