Ghost Hunting Destination Turns Into A Lomo Paradise

This historical place tickled the minds of a lot of spirit hunters. It has been one of the top interesting destinations that brought the “Ghost Hunters International” here in the Philippines. The ruins of the place, the elements that echo it’s richness in religious history, the naturally-distorted architecture, the bricks and the tiles that have been there for decades will make you wonder what it was before, and that it was not really just one place. The place has gone through a lot of changes. And today, it is my Lomo Paradise.

Its walls usually give me goosebumps. I have seen a lot of photographs of this place, old and new.
It has been featured in a lot of ghost hunting activities on television, in magazines, and a lot of experimental projects until it became a wonderful destination for creative photographers.

The place is just a few minutes walk from the apartment I live in. As much as I love to do a ghost hunting activity, I have been longing to do a Lomo shoot at the place and decided to trespass one sunny morning. That same day, we had the photos developed and scanned. Surprisingly, the photos turned out to be the opposite of what the place really is. What I have captured is beauty that promised me more of warm photographs the next time I visit the place.

written by aleqsii on 2011-04-08 #places #landmark #location #baguio-diplomat

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