Feel the Excitement: Shoot in Low Light Condition With Colorsplash Flash!


Are you worried on how to shoot in low light condition with a slow speed film? It’s just a piece of cake. No need to worry anymore! Just equip your weapon with another powerful weapon, the “Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition” then your problem is solved!

One of the most powerful weapon in Lomography store is the flash, Colorsplash Flash Chakra. The size is small so that we can bring it anywhere in the pocket. Besides, the design is ergonomic and at the same time, we can change the filter according to the color that we like. Personally, I love this flash. Even the Diana Flash is far more better (give more lighting ) than this flash, but I think this flash has it own ability to shoot in low light.

Based on my experience, what attract me the most is about the color of the filter and its design. It is very unique and don’t look too much as a flash. It much more “toy” than any flash. So far, it work best for me when working with LC-A +. It helps me too much during a low light condition. I love shooting anytime no matter it is day or night, but the problem is I don’t like to shoot with a high speed film as it more grainy. Here are some result :-

I got some tips when using this flash with LC-A +. Let’s say, when your film’s ISO is 200, when you set the ASA of your LC-A + to 200, the result could be appear like this:

So, if you want to have a really perfect result without blur (it appears because hand is shake during the slow shutter speed, just set your ASA to 800. Here are the results:

But the flash doesn’t sync with my lovely Rangefinder camera FED 5B. Here are the results:

The shutter speed and the “blow” of the light doesn’t sync. That’s why the flash appears only at the left side of the pictures.

As a conclusion, the flash is very useful so that you can apply the rule, “Don’t think Just Shoot”. No need to worry anymore!

written by bulletofmine on 2011-05-27 #gear #review #color #wild #low-light #lomography #colorsplash-flash #user-review

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