Spinola Bay


Take a quick walk along Malta’s Spinola Bay together with Webo29.

If you’ve been to Malta, chances are you’ve been or even stayed in St. Julian’s. St.Julian’s is perhaps the most popular town when it comes to tourists and visitors. It’s jam packed with hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues – anything you can think of keep anyone from being bored. What few people seem to stop and think about, especially when they’re there on holiday, is that St. Julian’s is made up of a number of bays – there’s three I can think of at the moment – Balluta, Spinola, and St. George’s.

The first is perhaps the calmest of the three. You’ll still be able to find hotels and restaurants here don’t get me wrong – but the area in itself is perhaps mostly residential. The Balluta block of flats – a fine example of Maltese Art Nouveau architecture is witness to this ’til today.

St. George’s Bay in the heart of the area of St. Julian’s known as Paceville is perhaps the most well known of the three – it’s notorious amongst English language students in the summer. Not only for swimming during the day but also for drinking and socialising in the evening and early hours of the morning.

Spinola Bay is perhaps, out of the three, the bay with the most heritage. It used to be St. Julian’s fishing area if you want to call it that and ’til today, even though things have changed and establishments such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Wagamama have sprung up around it, it has not yet lost its identity. So much so, that many local restaurants still delight in fish menus.

‘But what’s interesting for us Lomographers here?’ you’re probably asking. Well, there’s definitely lots of colourful fishing boats to photograph, fishermen mending nets, and even the occasional cat looking for a forgotten or discarded fish. You’ll certainly not be stuck for something to point your camera at, but you’ll probably run out of film pretty fast so prepare yourself.

Here are some pictures I took over three days. Enjoy! And if you visit, send me a link and show me your own.

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