It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The Journey - The Gozo Ferry

Webo29 gives a cliche, realistic twist on a whirlwind tour of the ferry which takes you from Malta to Gozo.

Bet you’ve heard that one before right? It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The Journey – it’s a bit of a cliche. Life is about enjoying the moments along the way not just about getting to where you’re going – yeah, yeah yada, yada, yada. I know you know.

If you’re in Malta and you want to get to its sister island of Gozo – which is smaller and greener (and also cleaner and better organised – especially in terms of road signs) then you have three options to get there: chartering a small plane (if you’ve got the cash) renting a boat (if you’ve got a solid stomach) or taking the ferry (Bingo!- everyone does that especially the Gozitans themselves who work in Malta and travel to and fro on a daily basis).

Really and truly, there’s nothing extraordinary about the Gozo ferry itself. There’s a series of largish ships capable of taking both passengers travelling on foot or by car. There’s a ship every 45 minutes or every one hour and a half and the journey itself takes roughly half an hour. It’s usually pleasant unless the weather is terrible and the whole thing is swaying more than a drunk couple attempting to dance a waltz.

The ferry is rather interesting in terms of things you can shoot. Of course there’s the whole sea view: Malta, Comino, Gozo – that can be pretty cool if you’re into land/seascape. You can people watch too – many will be too busy taking photos themselves to notice you’ve had a snap of them from the back. Then there’s the ship itself – the life rafts, buoys, chimney, ropes, hard hats, signs – if you’re a curious Lomographer (which you must be) then you’ll definitely find something to point your lens at – no question about it.

So if you’re in Malta, head to Gozo too it’s beautiful – you’ll enjoy the destination – and the journey too.

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