Your Door Viewer Becomes a Fisheye Lens


Now this one is really easy . All you need is a door viewer , a piece of tape and of course your camera!

To buy a door viewer you can just go to the hardware store and they should have them . They come with different angles . The bigger the angle , the funnier the picture !! Mine has got an angle of 200 degrees . You shouldn’t pay more than a few dollars .

Once you got your door viewer , all you have to do is pull or screw it apart ( it consists of two parts ) , place the part with the lens right in the middle of your Diana camera lens and fix it with some tape . It makes no difference what kind of tape you choose , it can either be clear one or any kind of black or white tape .
You can now shoot some really blurred & unique photos !!

written by kleeblatt on 2011-05-28 #gear #tutorials #cat #camera #farm #horse #child #tipster #city #fisheye #diana #kleeblatt

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