A Place to Spot a Celebrity


My ‘A Place to Spot a Celebrity’ entry for the London hitlist. I don’t read gossip magazines or follow the celebrity culture (who’s in and who’s out today?) so this one was quite difficult, so I cheated by posting more than one location!

My first unimaginative celebrity spot is the giant department store, Selfridges! Fortunately, I find the statue at the entrance beautiful.

Credits: cheese

The second location is…. Hamley’s! “What?!” I hear you say. It may not be the go-to destination for celebrity searching, but when I use to work there, I saw lots of celebrities. No, not just Eastenders celebs, but actually Hollywood AND Bollywood stars!

Credits: cheese

Okay, okay, I am certain some of you guys out there are unconvinced by my selections thus far, but for my final location, I can guarantee you would easily spot a recognisable face or two….

Credits: cheese

Madame Tussauds. :)

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  1. mr-korn
    mr-korn ·

    I have another place to spot a celebrity....
    "Rehab Center"

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