Changing of the Guard At The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a wonderful place to visit, it is steeped in history and has its fair share of gore – if you like that sort of thing. The Crown Jewels are kept here and some incredible armour, there are also the Yeoman Warders that guard the tower along with the Ravens.

The Tower of London lies in an incredibly interesting part of London, what with the Tower Bridge and the GLA building across the water but the history that this monument has seen can sometimes make you shudder. What with the executions, imprisonments, the display of the Royal Armour in the White Tower and the Crown Jewels in the Jewel House, which seem more like a jaw-dropping conveyor belt these days.

The Yeoman warder are there to protect the place and are also a wonderful source of information. They do also guard and they have all served in the armed forces for at least 20 years, many with war experience. Their name ‘Beefeaters’ has long been connected with the Tower and their positions as Royal Bodyguards, they may look just for show but they are not. Now you can have guided tours with them that can last from 30-60 minutes.

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