A Place to Eat Fried Chicken or Not!

So you want to eat fried chicken? Well there are some places that you should and others that you really should not! Of course we all want quick food but then that’s not always the best or healthiest option. Here we have some examples of where not to go and where to go all within a few hundred feet of each other!

Fried chicken is a thing of the past for me but being someone who chooses not to eat meat doesn’t mean I occasionally miss the smell of it. Now these two places really do not get me wanting to ever go back to eating meat again, fast food is not good and these really honk!

Unlike the food that is served at the Dolphin in Sydenham what could I suppose, be called one of those new bistro pubs, it is much needed in the area, has a lovely atmosphere which is also mixed with great surroundings, pong free, has WiFi as well as culture. The food on offer is more than the usual pub food, you can even get ‘Moules et Frites’ and sometimes the chicken looks good too!

You can find the Dolphin in Sydenham,
121 Sydenham Road
London SE26 5HB

written by kylewis on 2011-04-17 #places #location #venue #sydenham-lcg-hit-miami-chicken-the-dolphin-lca

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