Somewhere You’d Take Your Mum - Chinatown!

This is my ‘Somewhere You’d Take Your Mum’ entry.

So where would I take my mum? Harder to come up with that I thought as I’m sure Tesco doesn’t count (especially if she pays for the groceries!) Well, it just so happens that being a Chinese lad, I get to frequent Chinatown and can treat my mum to a nice dim sum lunch.

Credits: cheese

Of course it’s not just dim sum and roast duck that you can get in Chinatown! There are lots of bakeries with loads of different Asian snacks and yummy pandan cakes! It’s a shame that all the gift shops aren’t as good as when I was a young’un where you could buy lots of soft toys and, most importantly, shiny Dragon Ball cards! (Though I don’t think my mum could care less!)

written by cheese on 2011-04-11 #places #location #travel-destination #lcg-london-hitlist-somewhere-you-d-take-your-mum-china-town

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