Container City


A real city made out of containers!

Actually, this isn’t entirely true. I would regard it more of a Container Hamlet. Nevertheless, it is a pretty sight!

Credits: cheese

Container City is made up of a bunch of shipping containers converted into office spaces and residential living quarters. However, the most impressive thing here isn’t Container City, but the area around it. There are lots of old and fantastical machinery littered like an outdoor museum. Before getting to Container City, you are greeted by this cute old-American style diner called, wait for it, Fatboy’s Diner.

Container City is situated in Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Credits: cheese

written by cheese on 2011-08-26 #places #location #travel-destination #lcg-london-hitlist-container-city


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    Lovely but a very brief location, only three pics!

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