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My Favourite Market


Camden lock market, this is my favorite market in London. For one thing Camden shops and most of the stalls here are open 364 days a year.

Another reason why I like it so much is that you can always find something unique to buy at the market. If you want a handcrafted souvenir from London you know where to go. With more than 150,000 people a week visiting the market, you know you can’t go wrong here.

To get there just take the tube (northern line) to Camden town.

written by blondielocks on 2011-08-23 #places #location #travel-destination #your-favorite-market-london-hit-list-lcg


  1. nokoston
    nokoston ·

    I like the colors on your shots, which film did you use?

  2. blondielocks
    blondielocks ·

    Xpro - 200 slide film ;)

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