Feeding the Pigeons

Feeding the pigeons in London is pretty common especially with various locations to check out.

Plenty of locations are available to go feed the pigeons, the first one I chose was Hyde Park:

To get to Hyde Park, take the tube to Hyde Park Corner, you’ll see directions everywhere from there. Then the second location I went to was Battersea Park:

My favorite location was Battersea Park simply because there are more birds to feed and less people than in Hyde Park.

While feeding the pigeons you will often see Herons, Cormorants, and Grebes.

To get to Battersea Park either take the tube to Queenstown or stop at Battersea Park Rail.

written by blondielocks on 2011-08-21 #places #location #travel-destination #feeding-the-pigeons-lcg-hitlist

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