The Natural History Museum - London


The Natural History Museum in London – well worth a visit!

Last weekend I went to the Natural History Museum with a group of my fellow Lomographers on a Lomowalk – ‘Walk Like a Lomosaurus’. I had never been to the Natural History Museum…and that is a mistake! I loved it! I felt like a little kid running around looking at all the animals. The dinosaurs are definitely the most popular, and as I went on a Saturday the queues were quite long and it was quite crowded. But in your hurry to look at the popular dinosaurs don’t forget the rest of the museum! From monkeys to the extinct dodo – there is a terrific variety! I especially like how they have the monkey skeletons in various swinging positions – making it seem like they are swinging from the ceiling. The building itself is also really cool – the interior is decorated with carved animals – I love the carved monkeys throughout the building! The Natural History Museum is definitely worth a visit!

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  1. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    I was just there last week, it's awesome :)

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