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Last week we asked for your best shots to be taken on Sunday April 27, also know as the World Pinhole Day.

Last week we asked for your best shots to be taken on Sunday April 27, also know as the World Pinhole Day.

So now, exactly one week after this lensless extravaganza you can enjoy a peep through the pinhole back in time:

Featuring shots by: alexroarsatlyons, scootiepye, vicuna, mikejugalukman, daveffreep, agrimony, chaweemek, sbg1, janiemeringuepie, mate, kylethefrench, superlighter, neja, gemma81de..(I hope I missed nobody, if so please drop me a line)

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Yahoo! 2 of my shots made it in the gallery! Thanks LSI :)))) And congrats to all the other pinholegraphers!! :)) Amazing gallery, the shots 21 to 25 (who made them? they're terrific!), 27, 34, 37 & 38 are my favorites!!

  2. champi
    champi ·

    Wow some awesome shots here!! Too bad I had no time to finish my roll and send some stuff too!

  3. freak_17
    freak_17 ·

    Great Looking Pictures Still Working On My Pinhole Camera

  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    yeahiiiii!!! the n° 34 it's mine! I'm really happy to be in the gallery, I'm not so confident with the pinhole but this first experience make me wanna try It again!

  5. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    very cool gallery

  6. artpunk
    artpunk ·

    OK, I'm a bit confused and a lot disappointed - we were told we had until the 5th to upload shots. Check the older blog entries if unsure. I had just prepared my shots for upload and checked back here to make sure which addy to send them to and find this entry.
    WTF is going on?

  7. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    # 3, 4 & 5 were taken by the winner: alexroarsatlyons
    # 6, 7, 8 scootiepye
    # 9, 10, 11 someone from usa i guess. hmmm mikejugalukman or daveffreep ? might be kylethefrensh, too
    # 12, 14kylethefrensh
    #13 neja
    # 15, 16
    #17, 18
    # 19, 20
    # 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 mate
    # 26
    # 27, 28, 29 (someone from usa)
    # 30, 35 scootiepye
    # 31, 32 vicuna
    # 33 argimony
    # 34 superlighter
    # 36, 37, 38

  8. artpunk
    artpunk ·

    btw - it was the 27th - not the 24th! (small matter, I'm a terrible pedant)
    Oh well, seeing as I missed the very misleading/ambiguous psuedo deadline I can at least point to the short video my eldest daughter made of the family helping me capture the shots I was GOING to submit from the day, it's kinda funny...

  9. sbg1
    sbg1 ·

    27,28 and 29 are mine, Great job everyone!! Did anyone get there piggies?!

  10. agrimony
    agrimony ·

    yes, mephisto19, you are right, 33 is mine. but also one and two ;)

  11. gemma81de
    gemma81de ·

    Wow, really amazing shots! Congratulations everyone and yay! for finding two of my own pics in here (15 & 16). :)
    My faves are 6, 7, 9, 19, 21 (WOW!), 23, 34 and 38.

  12. alexroarsatlyons
    alexroarsatlyons ·

    well done everyone theres some amazing shots!
    do you know if this will appear in the awards section of our lomo homes?


  13. janiemeringuepie
    janiemeringuepie ·

    I really enjoyed World Pinhole Day this year. Shots 36 to 38 are mine.We made a variety of pinholes out of tins and boxes and loved the results.

  14. daveffreep
    daveffreep ·

    Hey, daveffreep here!

    Images 9-14 are all mine, thanks for the comments. Of the ones I took, number 9 and 10 are my faves.

    #13 is interesting, because the image of the wood and the drill was taken in 2004 in Ohio, and the fence and bike were exposed on World Pinhole Day in NYC!

    #13 was taken in Brooklyn, in front of my apartment, and the others were taken at Coney Island along the boardwalk and at the Sideshow by the Seashore.

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