Feed the Pigeons or Feed Yourself? Now that’s the Question

A gold mine for pigeons, Covent Garden.

Even as a “local” to London, you would think I would stay clear of the touristy places. Actually it’s completely the opposite. You can find pigeons pretty much everywhere in London but tourist areas are a gold mine. It’s actually quite disgusting. But there is one thing I love to take pictures of and watch.

Lets go back in time…one moment…oh here we go, to a time when you (and don’t pretend you didn’t) found chasing and running into pigeons extremely amusing. I’m 26 and I still think it’s hilarious.

I was walking through Covent Garden Market and someone had dropped a pastry on the floor (pigeon gold dust, makes a change to cigarette butts) and they were manically pecking away when these to kids came running into them. It was brilliant and I managed to catch the moment of glory!

So when you have a chance, you can either wander around to watch the pigeons or just walk around and stuff your face at the many stalls and cafes. Why not do both? You’re probably on holiday!

written by tricky_eye_line on 2011-08-23 #places #birds #pigeons #location #london #travel-destination #lgc #hitlist #coventgarden

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