Herne Hill


Letting you in on my great secret.

Situated between leafy suburban Dulwich and the diverse multicultural Brixton is one of London’s best-kept secrets. Herne Hill is an idyllic little “village” tucked tightly amongst the chaos of south London. You can find it by taking a short 5min bus ride from Brixton tube.

I’ve lived here now for nearly 9 years and cannot imagine being anywhere else. There is an abundance of small independent cafes and bars serving amazing coffee and homemade cakes. There is The Half Moon which is an old rustic pub dating back to 1896 which also has live bands, the occasional record fair and still has all the original stained glass windows. There is a local butcher and a cute little “laundrette”. The main attraction in this place is Brockwell Park which boasts of 125.53 acres of land and its very own outdoor LIDO. In the summer, the park is buzzing with picnic goers, runners, and sunbathers and has a friendly, warm atmosphere. There’s a number of festivals, circuses, and country fairs and there is even a toy railway for the kids.

I can’t recommend Herne Hill enough, if you are really lucky you may see some wild parakeets in the park or even pop singer LaRoux having a Sunday pint. If you are super lucky (like me) you may be able to get a shot of “Mr New Orleans”, a local man who always dresses in period 1920s gear including leather braces, spats, and a pocket watch.

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  1. lamp
    lamp ·

    Loving Mr New Orleans!

  2. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Herne Hill is such a great place, I'm very jealous of anyone who lives in such a lovely part of London. Great photos!

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