Accessories Anonymous: My Indispensable Accessory

I don’t own many accessories for my few cameras and like to travel light but I do regularily make use of one. Not only is this my favourite accessory but I adsolutely could not do without it. You could say that I love it even. I love it so much I’m going to marry it one day!

On the few occasions I’ve had a trip out with the aim of taking some interesting photographs (Lomographs?) I’ve tended to travel light. I have one film preloaded in one camera contained in one bag/pouch/case.

This might be a reflection of the cameras I use as I tend not to need any accessories. Maybe if I had a Diana with the extra lenses or a Holga with a Colorsplash Flash it would be different. For me though it’s the as-basic-as-you-can-get Vivitar UWS, Diana Mini (no flash) and yet to be used Fujifilm Silvi F2.8.

Talk about travelling light!

On that basis you’d be forgiven for assuming my most indispensable accessory must be whatever bag or case I’m carrying the camera in. You’d be wrong to think that though as my “can’t do without” accessory is Nicola.

For those who don’t know Nicola is my fiancée and mother of my baby and as of September this year will also be my wife! It just also happens that at times she has been my indispensable accessory.

It might seem a little odd describing a person as an accessory but let me explain. You see a lot of the photos I’ve taken are from times when Nicola has encouraged me to go out or go off somewhere. The walks around the parks were her ideas, encouraging me to get out with the baby and not stay in playing PS3 is all her and more importantly my first ever Lomo shoot came during a trip she suggested last year. Each of these occasions when she has planned or encouraged getting out has been a perfect opportunity for me to say “let me just grab the camera.”

It doesn’t end there though. As Nicola has been with me on these little trips and walks watching me pull the camera out and snap any and all seemingly random objects she too has started to suggest photo opportunities. Now when we’re out I might hear “take a photo of that” or “I bet that would look good” encouraging me to be even more snap happy.

As an accessory for me and my hobby Nicola is indispensable. From getting me off the sofa to pointing out potential shots I couldn’t do without her. Looking back through my albums on here in fact it’s a strange thought wondering how many would not exist had it not been for her. For that reason this Accessories Anonymous piece is dedicated to Nicola.

Now if only I could encourage her to take up Lomography too……

written by veato on 2011-05-23 #lifestyle #vivitar #accessory #nicola #fujifilm #diana #indispensable #veato

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