Hot waterbath for my film rolls

Film-rolls like to swim and bath before they will get exposed. put some soda into the bath and some nice color-effects will cover your photos!

I ♥ color-bubbles!!!

After reading some tipster about preparing filmrolls, I was interested in doing it myself. while I wanted to collect all the experience in modification of film rolls, I started slowly in the very beginning. The first filmroll I just droped in a hot waterbath and let it there for about 20min. I pulled out the complete film and dried it then on the heater for a night. The results are not so spectacular as I hoped – just a light blue fog covered the motives on the photos.

After seeing the light results I wanted to go further, so I cocked the next roll in soda-water. that time I was not patient at all, so I dried the wet, pulled-out film over the heater and wiped off the water with some paper towel before to speed up the drying-process.

Those results were more spectacular: color-bubbles and blue stripes! Probably the hot water is entering the filmroll in the center, so the very first photos are not so affected as the later once. in the beginning you clearly see the motives on the picture, while later on the motives and the effects are recognisable both in the very end of the roll the trace of modification strikes and the motive are just slightly visible.

here some results in time order:

Once again I’ve started the “cook-the-film-in-boiling-soda-water-experiment”

I was so impressed what kind of modifications you are able to do with your unexposed film-rolls and the last soda-experiment gave such nice results, that I had to do it again.

BUT this time I tried to pimp a slide-film instead of a normal negative-film and did the x-pro afterwords ; ]

I’ve noticed it while bathing the film that the effects will be more strong, cause of the out coming chemicals which were stronger then with the negative-film. The same thing was, that the first exposures were not so effective as the last once (good to know in advance)

Here are some results out of the album “burning houses”:

Go and have a try – I won’t stop – I definitely will go further and start some new experiments ;D

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