Buckingham Palace


A Royal Abode. The easiest way to get to Buckingham Palace is to take either the Jubilee or Victoria line and stop at Green Park, from there just take the exit to Buckingham Palace and walk straight into the park (or follow all the tourists with the cameras), as you get out of the park you can’t miss it.

Buckingham Palace used to be called Buckingham House at first; it was designed by William Winde in 1703 and was built for the Duke of Buckingham and Normanby. After that, Queen Charlotte used it as a place to retreat. George IV and William IV made a lot of renovations to turn the house into a palace. In 1837, Buckingham Palace was at last the primary royal residence. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to reside there. Also what was more likely, was that the first house built on the site was that of Sir William Blake’s possibly around 1624.

After enjoying the rich history surrounding Buckingham Palace I would suggest taking a walk around Hyde Park which is at a walking distance from the palace.

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    This is gorgeous. It's making me homesick :( (for London in general)

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