Barcelona for the Weekend!

Are you thinking about making a short visit to Barcelona? Here you can find out about my two-day trip! These were the sites that I chose to see in a 48-hour visit. It was worth it!

I had never been to Barcelona before. A friend of mine invited me to spend the weekend in the city and visit the main attractions. We flew to Barcelona on Saturday morning and returned on Sunday night, so it was a really quick visit!

My friend had been there many times and knew which places I could not miss. It was her who decided what we would see during the weekend: the Ramblas, the Marina, the Sagrada Familia Church, Parque Güell and Tibidabo.

On Saturday, we started on the Ramblas (because we were staying in an apartment there). We stopped at the fruit and vegetable market, where the natural juices were great! We walked down the street to the Marina. There we found an antiques fair where I got my Zenit 12! :) Close to the Marina, we took a sightseeing bus and we visited the city for a couple of hours. We had to see the Holy Family without getting off the bus, because we had no time to lose. But it was great anyway! We just left the bus to enter the Parque Güell. And we only left at the end of the day.

On Sunday, we went to Park Tibidaboo. I confess that I loved it! It’s one of my favourite places in Barcelona! All that joy, carousels, cotton candy… :) And the view! The view is amazing! And it was there that I did my first successful double! It still is my favorite!

Well, after that, we had to fly back home!

After this trip, I’ve been to Barcelona again. But that very first weekend was really nice! And I could see some of the major attractions in record time!:) I also took some Lomos, of course!

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