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I’ve invested quite heavily in digital photography for an amatuer. As well as a camera there’s the lenses, filters, bags and even PC software and a graphics tablet. During the last 6-8 months though I’ve been using film more and more. This is how Lomo philosophy changed me…..

It was only a few years ago I started to get involved in photography again. Not the point and shoot variety as at one point or another I’ve always had a camera. I mean the more technical and manual world of DLSRs, rule of thirds, exposure compensation, metering modes and so on.

Being quite a technical person, due to both my job and my personal interest in technology and gadgets, I find it appealing learning the terminology and technical aspects and being able to put them to good use to create something.

It can be testing and frustrating at times too when you strive for technical perfection. I have to admit it’s not as testing as the old film days though as at least with digital I can keep shooting until I get it right, but even this is time consuming. I wonder though if aiming for the technically perfect photo (composition, exposure, focus, lighting, etc) it’s easy to forget about the art.

This is what Lomo allows me to do; throw away the rule book, forget the rule of thirds and don’t worry too much about the light. Lomo has freed me from the shackles of technical photography and reminded me why I like to take photos in the first place. I want to be creative, to capture a moment in time with all the atmosphere and feeling along with it. How on earth can I capture a “moment” if I need to recompose twelve times and take five bracketed exposures?

I must add that I’m not going to abandon digital photography. I do enjoy it and although different to Lomography I find it just as interesting and maybe even more challenging. Just over this past year I took a photo of my baby every day to chart her progress from being newborn to age one and intend on making this into a photo book. I can’t imagine doing this as a Lomo project for example.

There’s no getting away from the fact that Lomo has changed me though. Looking through my albums on here a lot of the shots are ones I simply would not have thought to capture on my DSLR. When I’m out with my Lomo gear I have a different mindset and where some of the photos are concerned are all the better for it.

For me “don’t think, just shoot” isn’t just a saying, it’s an instruction and one which most definitely changed me.

written by veato on 2011-04-12 #lifestyle #philosophy-dslr-change-veato-just-shoot-dont-think

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  1. neurodiaz
    neurodiaz ·

    Great shots :). Lomography is perfect.

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