I Just Like Hockey (Moscow, Russian Federation)


I just like hockey. I mean not only ice hockey but bandy or Russian hockey! Unfortunately I live where you can’t see it live. That’s why every season I try to go to some match in another city. This time I took my favorite LC-A.

Bandy is a remarkable game which is playing outdoor air. The first match in Russia was in 1898, on March 8. The flowering of Russian hockey was in 50s-80s years of XX century. That time bandy was notable for its involvement. It became a “substitute” to football in winter. A lot of teams were all over the Soviet Union. There was a large attendance at all matches. Equipment of hockey players is minimal. Only ice, stick, skates and ball! It is a beautiful game which is the quickest in team sport.

For this I decided to go to Moscow for the final of the European Champions Cup match between “Dynamo” (Moscow) and “Västerås” (Sweden). The match was held in an indoor skating-rink at Ice Palace “Krylatskoye” in November 2009. No freak of nature can disrupt my plans. “Dynamo” won with a score of 4:1! I want bandy to be included in the program of Winter Olympic Games. Then many people could play and see this wonderful game!

P.S. There was a bandy team in the 70s-80s in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) called “LOMO”!

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