More Dash than Cash


Very decent Chinese food in South East London.

Feeling hungry while on the south side of the Thames? But do you want to avoid spending a fortune? If you want to stick to a budget, don’t worry! London has something to offer to everyone!

If you happen to be near Elephant and Castle Shopping Center (which is just opposite the famous London College of Printing – it’s the College of Communications now), go and check the amazing Chinese buffet! It is located just outside of the shopping center, on the right hand side from Pink Elephant Statue (yup, it’s true, PINK ELEPHANT!). The whole shopping center used to be pink but now it’s red though.

That buffet is an amazing place, you can see the happy mixture of the Jamaican community enjoying massive food portions along with the broke creative students, and Chinese people as well. Prices are really cheap, portions are really huge (in each King Prawns Soup there are always eight King Prawns, no more, no less too). If you are vegetarian, you can ask them not to put eggs in your rice, and the spring rolls here are just great! They’re even better than in many posh restaurants in Chinatown, and they have real, freshly-squeezed juices like carrot and apple.

The waitresses provide fast service, and if they get used to you and one day they don’t see a smile on your face, they’ll give you a glass of juice for free!

After all that food, you can wander around a little bit. There are plenty of colorful residents: old rastas with their long dreadlocks, bling bling youngsters, crazy fashionista students, hot mamas etc.

Do check out the London College of Communications as well, there’s always some graduation or midterm shows going on.

Elephant N Castle Shopping Centre, SE1, London

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    ... I´m hungry now !!!

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    you should write your own guide to London and you'll become famous and rich for sure! :)

  3. ashdinosaur
    ashdinosaur ·

    It's vegans that don't eat eggs, vegetarians usually do.

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