Work hard, TAV harder!

“Tavern " from the Greek word “taverna”, which means a place of business where people drink alcoholic beverages, and enjoy great company, as well as appetizing food selections. If you want to experience Asian cuisine with a cozy ambiance, or just unwind and jam with an acoustic band or look for new drinking buddies while playing beer pong..there’s no other place I’d recommend other than Tav!

I’d like give credit to the masterminds behind this great resto-bar…(which happens to be my schoolmates). Tavern Asia was founded by brothers, Arthur and Alexander Cantor together with their childhood friend Jules Miguel Bonifacio. The establishment has been open since October 2008 but you’d be surprised that there is always something new offered in their menu.

This has always been a favorite hangout place at night after a busy day in school or an exhausting day at work. That’s why their tagline is “Work/Study Hard..Tav Harder!” I guess the ambiance contributes a lot to making one feel more relaxed and at home. Tav has sophisticated design as inspired by its name Tavern, that meets modern Asian interiors through its colors, accents, and theme per area. The price of their food are reasonable. They serve unique cocktails and a wide selection of spirits. Tav Asia is also known for its flavored beers – Caramel, Hazelnut, Kiwi, Strawberry, Peach. (Must try!)

For a full set of happiness in the southern joint, NM+PG, NykoMaca + Playground will entertain the crowd every tuesdays and you can spot friends at Beerpong Thursdays.

Directions: Upon entering BF Homes, you’ll have to pass two intersections with traffic lights. After passing through the 2nd intersection, look to your left and you’ll see a strip of bars and an “ihaw-ihaw” place, from that point you’ll be approximately 100-200m away from this cool place.
For those from the North, you just have to take the SLEX exit at Sucat then make a right at Dr. Santos Avenue (main road). Go straight until you see the first intersection with a 7-11 and make a left. Follow the main road along BF Homes to arrive at Tav.

Exclusive venue rentals on Fridays and Saturdays: P60K consumable for food and drinks. (Negotiable) and for weekdays: P30K consumable for food and drinks.

197 Aguirre Ave. (near Monterey)
BF Homes Paranaque Phase2
Phone: 820-4435

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or check out their website fro more inquiries

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