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My beloved Diana Mini produces beautiful shots on her own, but with the added color I get from the Diana Flash and the color gels, my mind goes crazy.

With 12 different colors to choose from and unlimited color combinations, how could I possibly leave this small and simple accessory at home? Besides my cameras, my color gels is the one accessory I keep in my bag so that I’ll always be ready to shoot pictures of vibrant colors.

My Love Is In The Air Diana Mini was my most exciting purchase off of the Lomography site. I was excited to be able to take dream-like pictures and to take advantage of the half-frame and square formats. My imagination was pumping with ideas with what I could do with just the camera, that I hadn’t realized I could do so much more with the Diana Flash and color gels! After shooting a couple rolls, I took note of just how vibrant and lively my shots looked with that splash of color from my flash and gels. I became addicted to this simple accessory, and now I carry it everywhere I go, whether I’m carrying my Mini or even another camera.

The Diana Mini with Flash is probably the best package you could buy. Not only do you get the popular Mini camera, you also get the versatile Diana Flash and color gels. You could transfer your Diana Flash onto other Lomography cameras, or even on to your own personal ones. If you have cameras where you can’t mount the Diana Flash onto it, then you could simply grab the color gels and stick them in front of your lens! I recently experimented with my Instax Mini camera, and I love the results.

I love the color gels because of its simplicity and results. Who knew that pieces of color translucents could result in vintage, vibrant, or unique photos?

Though it may seem easy enough to stick a color gel in your flash or on your lens, I learned that you must also consider your settings and the lighting. If you’re in a sunny place surrounded by nature, then you may want to stick to the colors that match your back/foreground. Using greens and blues bring out the grass, any surrounding plants, and the sky. Also, using yellow will make a sunny day seem even brighter.


When using low ISO films or if you’re in a darker area, the color from the color gel you use will pop out more. I like to use colors that correspond to the feeling of the subject/picture or just colors that might make my picture a little more unique.

Color gels work great if your subject is white or lacks any bright colors. Using it on Shiro, the beloved white cat, really makes him stand out…

Surprisingly, I fell in love with not just the Mini I received in the mail, but also it’s small companion, the color gels. Little pieces of translucent colors can transform my pictures so dramatically that my heart races and my mind runs from the endless possibilities. If you don’t already, I highly suggest that you make sure you carry these color gels safely in your bag and take it everywhere you go. Like how a picture can capture the perfect moments, color gels can simply add more color and radiance to those memories.

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  1. evetanjong
    evetanjong ·

    hei i have "love is in the air diana mini" too, hmm i'm new here so can i ask you something? right now im using lomography color negative 800. how should i set my camera when i want to shoot in a sunny day with flash and color gel? thanks

  2. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    Hi @evetanjong , I would suggest not using a 800ISO film on a sunny day. Especially with a Diana Mini...You should use a 100 or 200ISO film for this.

  3. evetanjong
    evetanjong ·

    oh thank you @jojo8785. haha ok then, i'll use 100 or 200ISO film next time. hmm but, can i still using this 800ISO film in sunny day with flash and color gel?

  4. dearjme
    dearjme ·

    800ISO in a sunny day WITH flash will equal washed out pictures galore, @evetanjong. You can still use it, but the results will be....very light, haha.

    I love this tipster! I use my filters on the instax, and love it. Kahuku shrimp truck, yumm! :D

  5. cararah
    cararah ·

    Thank you all for the likes! Sorry it took me awhile to finally get on but...

    @evetanjong: Like dearjme said, there's no use for a flash with 800 ISO film on a sunny day. 800 ISO film will already result in bright photos.

    @dearjme: Woot! I'm glad you love it :) and yup kahuku shrimp is SOOO yummy! Too bad it's far from where I live :(

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