Easy Carnival Shooting


This is just a no-brainer tipster on different ways to shoot pictures at the carnival!

For carnival shooting, I think the best way to go is with a SLR or any action-shot camera. Of course the main objective of taking pictures at the carnival is to get those lights from the rides, so a camera that you can adjust the aperture and shutter speed would work best.

Set your film speed to about 1/100+, and the aperture to f4 (or a little more depending on your film speed). On most analogue SLR cameras set on manual shooting, there will be a meter to help you adjust your settings and to show you just how close your settings are to the normal exposure.

Now go and shoot! Carnivals are full of fun so taking shots of them are too! Experiment with multiple exposures like I did…

And overlap them on pictures with your friends or other rides, sights, etc. Taking pictures of the rides or other attractions and overlapping them on other shots is a great way to create a reminder of who you went to the carnival with, or what type of attractions were there.

Of course there’s many other things you can do to experiment with carnival shots, so go out and try them! A carnival is a place where you can breathe fun, so let your fingers do the thinking and enjoy your time.

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  1. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·

    I do suggest to read up on the difference between film speed and shutter speed.

  2. cararah
    cararah ·

    Ah! Sorry I meant setting shutter speed. Thank you for catching that

  3. xxxanderrr
    xxxanderrr ·


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