Devils Dyke, Sussex

Just outside the town of Brighton is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Downs. Part of this area is made up of the Devils Dyke, a large V-shaped valley that slices through the hills.

One windy day I went to visit with my family and girlfriend to take in some beautiful views of the rolling hills, sea view and many hang gliders. Nice and easy access to the Devils Dyke is worth seeing if you’re ever near or around Brighton or East Sussex.

Many myths and legends suggest the valley was formed by the lashing of a devil’s tail or a devil forming a trench to flood the area but failed due to an old lady or salty sea winds. The stories just add to the intrigue of the landscape.

At the top of Devils Dyke is an inn/pub/restaurant which on this occasion, we did not visit but will in the future if anyone gets hungry or thirsty.

Also, we saw many signs stating there was cattle so keep the gates shut. However, we failed to see a single cow that day.

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