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Luckily Spring Break had arrived and I was able to take a trip down to the countryside with my friends. Here’s a peek at one of the most popular and must-see little sights on the North Shore of Oahu.

Living in Hawaii is such a blessing. There’s beautiful weather, nice beaches, and many must-see sights that we’re exposed to everyday. Though it’s not exactly a 10-minute walk to this destination, this is a little town that you must visit on your trip to Oahu.

The Historic Haleiwa Town on the North Shore is the place to go to for awesome shave ice, juicy garlic shrimp, big waves, and mother nature at it’s best. Roll down your windows and take a drive down this beautiful shore!

One of the popular beaches down on the North Shore is Waimea Bay. This beach has beautiful clear water that is amazing to swim in on a calm sunny day. There’s also a big rock/mini mountain to climb up so you can take an exhilarating jump off.

If you’re wondering where’s the go-to spot to eat lunch, then you’re in luck! There’s many roadside wagons selling the ever-famous Kahuku Shrimp. These shrimps are grown right in the North Shore at the little ponds you may see while driving down there. Garlic shrimp is probably the most popular and the juiciest type to get, but if that’s not your style then I’m sure you’ll take interest in the other selections they have.

After grabbing lunch, you HAVE to make sure you stop by at Matsumoto’s Shave Ice! There is no better place to get a wide selection of flavors and toppings for that perfect shave ice. Though the line may seem a little discouraging, it’s definitely worth the wait. Plus it’s an easy food to make so you’ll get your order fast.

Visiting the North Shore is an activity that will take up your whole day. You’ll be certain to fall in love with these popular sights. Not only will you come across little souvenirs to take home, but you’ll have the treasure of seeing this beautiful shore, and hopefully a dozen pictures to treasure when you leave!

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    Ahhh I haven't been there in ages, I wanna go soon!!

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