Instant Pop of Colour


This is just a very quick and easy tipster (that some of you may already be aware of) and it’s sure to add an extra splash of colour to your Instax photos.

Recently, I’ve been taking photos with my new Diana Mini. I love using the flash, especially with the colour gels. One day I thought, "well if I can simply put the colour gel in front of the flash to get colour, then surely I can put the colour gel in front of something else and get the same results….right?

To my delight – I was right! Getting those same vibrant pops of colour on your Instax photos is as easy as reading through this short tipster :)

All you’ll need is:

-Colour Gels
-Your Fuji Instax Mini (or any other camera you’d like to experiment with)

Simply rip two pieces of tape and put them on the top and bottom of your vertically positioned colour gel (if you’re experimenting with another camera, make a judgement on which way the colour gel should be placed).

Position your colour gel in front of the Instax Mini lens, and stick it on!

Now shoot away! I love the effect the colour gels give my Instax photos. On sunny days, using colors such as blue, yellow, green, and orange really give it a vintage and unique look. Don’t forget to set your flash settings accordingly, and if you’re using a darker colour gel then you may want to make the flash a little brighter than the setting you’re currently in.

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