Duke Ellington Is a Kiev 88


Music is just as big a part of my life as photography. I started thinking what kind of analogue cameras my favorite jazz musicians might use or which ones might personify their essence.

Have you ever wondered what camera your favorite musician might use? OK, maybe I’m the only one. Since I love jazz, I was thinking the other day about what kind of lo-fi camera some famous jazz musicians might use or which camera best captures the spirit of that person. Here we go…

Duke Ellington: Elegant, classic, sharp as a tack, refined, beautiful harmonies, smooth…..all the things I think of when I use my Kiev 88.

Credits: ipdegirl

Thelonius Monk: Crazy genius, marches to the beat of his own drummer, eccentric, always in motion. Kind of like my Spinner 360.

Credits: ipdegirl

Ethel Ennis: Smooth, elegant, vocalist with velvety voice, dreamy, soft. Born in one of my favorite cities, Baltimore, MD. I think she’s a Diana.

Credits: ipdegirl

Dizzy Gillespie: energetic, Be-Bop trumpeter with crazy technique and great cheeks. I’ll give him an ActionSampler and see what he does with it.

Credits: ipdegirl

Miles Davis: Can NOT forget one of the best musicians ever. His trumpet style ranges from frenetic be-bop to smooth, low, dreamy jazz. A true innovator always pushing the boundaries, always re-inventing himself, just like the Holga.

Credits: ipdegirl

Tito Puente: Latin jazz master who plays some of my favorite percussion instruments (I played the marimba in high school….it rocks). Always on the beat but always trying new, crazy different things while staying within the confines of the tremendous genre known as Latin Jazz. I think a Lubitel is in order.

Credits: ipdegirl

Joshua Redman: One of my favorite modern jazz artists, I went to see him when he first started touring. His style is unmistakable but not too crazy. Clean but innovative. His sound and his interpretations are unique and noticeable (to me, anyways) from afar. Polaroid SX-70, anyone?

Credits: ipdegirl

These are just a few of my favorites…. Add to the list now, why don’t ya?

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  1. michell
    michell ·

    Very nice article! If I were to compare one of my cameras to a jazz-musician, I would definitely turn my beloved rolleiflex into Ray Brown! Sharp as a knife, a true craftsman and an all-time favorite of the pros! :) And I'm pretty sure Bill Evans would be one of my old folding cameras, I'm just not sure which one...

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