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The latest accessory for my Sprocket Rocket, the Colorsplash Flash, made night and event shots so much fun!

One of my close friend was having his birthday dinner at a nearby Western restaurant a couple of weeks ago. Seeing it as the perfect occasion to try my Sprocket Rocket for parties, I went straight to the Lomo shop after work to purchase the ColorSplash Flash to be used later at night for it, knowing that restaurants like this are usually dark and terrible for flashless Lomo cameras.

I’ve always wanted to buy a flash unit, and was deciding between the ColorSplash (CS) and the Diana flash. Diana looks classier, but cost more, needs an adapter (for SR), is larger and changing colour gels are a hassle. On the other hand, the CS flash is more compact, cheaper and is so much more easier to operate – just rotate the wheel! No price for guessing which one won my heart, but I was a little taken aback by the fact that two of the four slots are fixed colours, blue and yellow. To be able to change all the colours needs some hacking, but that’s not really a big deal.

Another thing I love about the CS flash is it comes with a battery – ready to shoot right away without stopping by the convenience store! I loaded a Lomo CN400 film into my SR and together with the CS flash unit on top of it; the whole camera felt heavier, thus improving the handling.

With multiple exposure a breeze on the SR, it is not surprising that I attempted a few MX-different-colour shots that night! They turned out really well, and we had fun playing with it. I was also amazed by how far the flash can go, though in certain occasions a diffuser will come in handy for close up face shots (which I’ve done using a white film canister). I also like the test flash button on top of the CS flash; sometimes I just surprise my friends with a flash and they thought I’ve taken a shot!

After the night, I still have one more exposure left on the SR, so I went around the streets and took a few signboards and a night bulb shot – probably 6-7 exposures in one frame – and I really love the result! No regrets investing on the CS flash; they made night shots so much fun and colourful!

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  1. dooby
    dooby ·

    love my colorsplash, just wish it had a little window to pop the gels out instead of having to dsimantle it, otherwise perfectly easy to use and right size to drop in a jeans pocket

  2. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Great photos, love the last one with the street signs!

  3. nadinadu
    nadinadu ·

    i love all those picture!

  4. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    Thanks! If you havent got one yet go get it! :D

  5. lyyyl
    lyyyl ·

    Awesome photos! My Sprocket Rocket photos came out so crap! LOL. I need lessons from you! Or maybe get a flash..

  6. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    Hi.. Yes get a flash! XD
    My Sprocket Rocket shots come out crappy at the beginning too.. But just be patient and have faith. Mine are beginning to improve slowly and try experimenting with different films. Slowly you will know how ur camera behaves! XD

  7. lyyyl
    lyyyl ·

    So what films do you recommend? Something of higher ISO right?

  8. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    Yea, to be safe, use 400 or 800 films. I've been trying different films every time so I dont really know which film matches the best, but I've seen great results with Lomo400 film and the Xpro200. Redscale XR somehow is not very nice on the SR, very high contrast..

  9. jesuisz
    jesuisz ·

    hi, cool i never thought about using the colousplash flash on the SR...great idea. i do not use the CSFlash anymore on my LC-A because it is too powerful and overexposes my shots a lot! But I will try this out, seems like the SR can handle all that extra light! Thanks :)

  10. oiacasagrande
    oiacasagrande ·

    COOOOOOOOOL, I us just deciding wether to buy the Diana Flash or the CS flash, now I've made up my mind ! HAHAHAHA

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