Egypt - the mystery of The Pyramids


one of the oldest 7 wonders of the world – the Pyramids must be visited once in your life.

Finally…I can visit one of my dreamland – EGYPT
Nearly 12 hours flight from Hong Kong, I have finally reached this ancient city in its hottest season, July.

Of course, the most remarkable landmark for egypt are the famous three Pyramids
1.Pyramid of Cheops
2.Pyramid of Khafre
3.Pyramid of Menkaure

These three Great Pyramids are actually related to each other as they are Grandfather-father-son

The first questions pop-up in my mind was how can the egyptians at that time can build something like that? They are just so hugh, so detailed-made, so amazing!

Although the most famous ones are these three, but you shouldn’t miss out the oldest pyramids nearby.

Souvenir can be found everywhere around the Great Pyramids area. Most of the time they charge the price higher. Remember to bargain with them (or just pretend walk away as they will follow you and offer you a cheaper price :P)

Apart from the old goodies, there are also modern type of Pyramids in Egypt too!

It is a must for everyone to visit Egypt once in their lifetime.

In this trip, I bought my LC-A with me loaded with Agfa CT100 .

With developing my pictures by E to C process, it creates a big colour contract where the sky are more blue and the sand are more yellow. It is quite ironic that actually the real sites are quite pale and grey. So i wish my pictures can show anyway of how egypt can be look like in a more exciting way :)

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