Scootercaffe/Scooterworks on Lower Marsh

The Scootercaffe (sometimes called Scooterworks), is a really cool cafe near Waterloo Station.

From the outside, there isn’t any big sign but you can’t miss the vespa in the window. It was a really nice place to sit in and enjoy tea or coffee and chat. I spent ages there and didn’t feel like leaving, it just felt really comfortable and welcoming, definitely the sort of place that could be a home away from home. They even have a cafe cat who wanders in and out to take stock of the clientele. I think that all cafes and bookstores should have cats. I highly advise a visit to the Scootercaffe, I am definitely going to go back!

written by kitde on 2011-08-27 #places #location #venue #lcg-hitlist-cafe-waterloo-london

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