Susan Bowen: Overlapping Multiple Exposure Panoramas with a Holga


One of the biggest inspirations in my own photography is Susan Bowen. Her ability to capture breathtaking panoramas is nothing short of amazing. Each piece has it’s own subject and personality and brings panoramas to a level hardly ever seen before. Susan Bowen is a photographer you need to get to know.

Lomography has countless characteristics that make it truly amazing. Among those characteristics are multiple exposures, and super long panoramas. One day I wanted to try combining them. I didn’t simply want to shoot a panoramic and then shoot another over it, I wanted to start with one single frame, and overlap another image on it, and continuously do this with different subjects until it formed a very long panoramic.

I searched to see if this was a common thing. I found a few examples on, but not to the extent I was looking for, so my search continued. I scoured the web until one day, I came across Susan Bowen. She truly earns the title of LomoAmigo!

I dove into her online gallery head first, examined each piece and then emailed her about how she was able to do this. I guess in my mind it was just so amazing that it had to be digital.

I read her bio and suddenly the most amazing answer a Lomographer could ask for….plastic cameras. A Holga to be specific.

Here are a few more of her works:

Since I have seen her work, I strive to reach the same level of amazing-ness that she has with my own panoramas. Here are a few of my own inspired by her amazing works.

All images of Susan’s work belong to Susan Bowen Photo. Visit her site to find out more about her too!

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    amazing, but how to scan the so long 120 films?

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


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