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I currently have 7 cameras. Obviously I don’t take all of them with me, but usually it’s at least 3. Sadly, they don’t fit into my jacket pockets. So what do we do? Get a photography bag and start looking like every digital user? No way. Here’s to messenger bags!!

Back when I was shooting digital, I had a photography bag for the camera. It was big, stupid looking, uncomfortable to wear and carry around and just plain sucked. I ended up using it for a month maybe, and then started using a small backpack.

With the acquisition of lots of Lomo cameras, I needed a new bag. I had a bigger backpack, which was nice to use and wear, it was comfy, but I had to stack the cameras and it was always messy when I needed the bottom one. That wasn’t really nice for the cameras, rolling around in the pack. Plus I kinda looked like a high schooler, and when you’re in college, you wan’t people to know you’re NOT in high school anymore.

So .. after long searching I finally found the perfect accessory: a messenger bag.

You might wonder, “what’s so special about that?”.

Well, let me show you:

This bag is very simple. It has a large inside area, an inside pocket, 3 closeable outside pockets and a compartment for a bottle.

The bag fits my lubitel, my Holga, my Diana Mini and a konica slr at once – that’s a lot of cameras! If i feel like taking my big digital camera – the bag fits that too, with a Lubitel and a Holga together!

The pockets are awesome:

The inside one fits my lomography scrapbook where I jot down the locations and film information used.

The outside ones fit film that I’ll be needing (one pocket fits 7 rolls of 120film), as well as a flash, a small (10cm) tripod, a cable release and stuff like splitzers, filters, batteries etc.

And the bottle compartment is used for the elixir of life – a coca-cola bottle ;)

Messenger bags are awesome, in my opinion, for the simplest reasons:

  • Unlike a backpack, you don’t have to take it off to get to stuff. You just open the bag and voilá!
  • Your cameras aren’t stacked vertically, but horizontally. In a backpack, if you want to get to the bottom camera, you have to take stuff out, or just take the camera, letting the others simply fall into its place – and that’s not very nice for the cameras ;)
  • The different pockets and compartments let you keep everything organised and simple, unlike in a backpack where you have one separate huge pocket for all your extra stuff.
  • They do look kinda cool ;)

And the best part: I only payed 10 Euros for this bag! So, if you have lots of camera equipment, go out and get yourself one of these babies. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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    Wow! I now have eight cameras, and one of them has four lenses and makrokoltsa and converter. I also suffered with a backpack, when the three took with the camera. Bag - that's what the doctor ordered. Also a special camera to be comfortable, I bought them for the simple spacious bag. In my case, of course, ladies.

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