0live's Manifesto


It is time for self-reflection. What does it mean to live an analogue lifestyle? Is it what we wear on our bodies, or something inside? — or something much bigger than ourselves as individuals?

Artists, creators, dreamers, my people; with great ardor and spirit I submit unto you a call to consciousness, for our freedom and integrity as analogue technicians has been diluted and discarded due to our own misguided good intentions.

We have been seduced by enclaves found on Flickr and Tumblr, independent blogs and the marketing mammoth of LSI, each claiming to represent and package the most authentic experience. Such entities, through the proliferation of sedated consumers, propagate the belief that one must operate and cooperate within esoteric rules, constraints, limitations, caveats, and structure— those barriers which truly radical, earth-shaping artists have sought to critique, reject, overcome, and destroy. Have we forgotten the joy of expression without mass approval? Have we been sold into compliance by popularity incentives? Have we been manipulated by the appeal of bright lights and typography to nourish a virtual unreality? Have we come to value that which we once rebelled against?

Let us not take for granted our privilege to participate in this passionate molding and shaping of our multi-generational global art community. Let us remind each other of what we are at the heart and soul: pioneers, explorers, creators— and let us hold each other in such respect and esteem. We must hold each other accountable for our definity, lest we forget that this art form in which we partake is much larger than ourselves and we are but a vehicle for its many physical, emotional, and spiritual manifestations.

To break free from the superficial bonds of twenty-first century digital enterprise we must first examine ourselves. We have reign over our choice as true artists; we are not an oppressed people under the dictation of digital culture; we are not drones of a best-selling counterculture; we are not slaves of subculture replication. We are students of the past and empowered teachers of the future— we are revolution. The authentic future of analogue cannot be bought and sold, posted, tagged, liked, or quantified. It is swelling and chanting in deafening voice, expanding with fervor the ineffable experience of critical artistic thought, choice, and freedom.

My people, I call to you: Do not shrink away from the magnitude and scope of unexplored territory, leave no marketed truth remain unquestioned. The tools of revolution must not be wielded as a weapon to hold us as complacent participants in a cycle of supply and demand. Let us create, share, engage, motivate, and evolve; for the sake of the living, breathing, pulsating art community, and ourselves.

written by 0live on 2011-05-31 #art #lifestyle #revolution #reflection #community #lomography #manifesto #existentialism #identity #radicalism


  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Each do it your way!! Every way of making the image has its place. Go for it!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Very well put. Thank you. : )

  3. ada_liz
    ada_liz ·

    I'm very agree with you. Well said!

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