Church (Rock) Cemetery


Church Cemetery (also known as Rock Cemetery) in Nottingham was opened in 1856 and still stands today. It covers thirteen acres and features a variety of old and ornate sculptured graves. Being close to the city centre, its location is convenient for a visit and has lots of photo opportunities for Lomographers young and old.

A mile from Nottingham City Centre on the corner of Mansfield Road and Forest Road sits Church Cemetery. Originally built in the 1800s, it still stands today and is open to the public to walk around the grounds and look at the many and ornate graves.

The location of the cemetery adjoins the Forest Recreation Ground which is said to have once formed the start of the ancient Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood lore. More recently, it was the location of many hangings in Nottingham when the gallows moved from St. Andrews Church opposite to what is now the entrance to the cemetery. The last hanging was in 1827 and the gallows have long since gone.

Being such a large and open space, the atmosphere is not as macabre as one would imagine and with the sights on offer, has plenty of photo opportunities for the keen Lomographer. With a mixture of angelic figures guarding graves to leaning broken headstones you can be sure to capture something interesting on the day.

The area in and around the cemetery is quite hilly in places and some paths aren’t very well defined so this is something to be aware of if you have some difficulty getting around. There are plenty of concrete and asphalt paths though so don’t be too put off by this.

Once you’ve exhausted all the photo opportunities for the day be sure to pop into Nottingham for some shopping and refreshments. There are places you can have your newly-used film processed too and with the cemetery being on a major bus route, you can take the local public transport if the cemetery walk has worn you out.

Having been there myself, I can recommend Church Cemetery for a visit but remember to bring your camera along. The gravestones almost lend themselves to black and white photography but remember to break the mould and experiment too.


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