I Love You, Lomography X-pro 200!


This delightful film will give you great colors, contrasts and photos. You will never want to use other film once you start using Lomography X-Pro 200. It is beautiful to say the least!

This is my favorite film! I first got my hands on some of this film New York and fearing that I would love it and be unable to find it in South Africa I bought 12 rolls of Lomography X-Pro 200 see me through for a while! I have only ever cross-processed this film as it amazes me every time I do that I have never felt the need to do it ‘normally’.

It gives off different shades of colors according to the time of day and light quality. I personally think that the best time of day to shoot is at sunset when the sun is low and glowing.

The way in which this film is scanned also varies the effects it gives so best to scan it yourself and decide what is your favorite. My first roll came out in deep and light yellows, my second roll still kept the yellows but the sky went a beautiful shade of blue and the objects in the images glow.

As it is my favorite film it usually gets used in my favorite camera and thus the Spinner 360 pictures are the main ones here but I have used it in my Fisheye and got equally nice results. So whichever camera you are using you won’t be disappointed!

I rave about this film to everyone and recommend it to anyone who is reading this now. Go get some!

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  1. vanillarush
    vanillarush ·

    Hey! I am also in SA and bought some of this film today! So if you are wondering where to get more, let me know! Cheers!

  2. izzarosli
    izzarosli ·

    same here!i have to admit that this is my fav film so far.i tried it before using my fisheye and Holga 135BC. the results were awesome. I never expected it would turned out beautifully.This film is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  3. izzarosli
    izzarosli ·

    and i have the urge to share this :) enjoy~

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