Lomography ColorSplash Flash

I absolutely love my coloursplash and if you don’t have one you should get one! This is why! I got given the colour Splash Flash as a birthday gift. I was finally able to take my cameras out at night and so I did!

The flash fits on to any hot shoe (don’t judge me but even on my digital SLR) I have the Chakra edition that includes a rainbow of colours (yellow, green, blue, purple, dark blue, indigo, deep yellow, orange, red, light orange, light green and pink. There are four slots that move over the flash, two are permanent, the blue and yellow and the other two are free for you to put your colours into. My favourite is the yellow. You of course can just not put a filter in and use it as a normal coloured flash too. It is real easy to change the colour filters. You need to line up the arrows on the side of the flash that are on the grey and red turning mechanism and then you are able to take the red rubber ring out to change the colours. It also just pops back in.

The on/off switch sits in the middle of the red rubber ring on you push it to turn it on and again to turn it off. When it is ready to fire there is a light that shines orange on the flash, then you fire your camera like normal and the flash triggers automatically. If you want to fire it manually then just press the orange light and this will do the trick. You should keep your audience close as well the closer the better it does not have a very far range, the flash charges quickly if your batteries are fresh and slows as they get older.

It is also light and small enough to just keep in your pocket or handbag. It is so much fun to play with and it adds an element of awesome to your pictures!

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