Kampong Buangkok - The Last Village in Singapore (Undiscovered Location)

Singapore is a highly urbanized country but do you know that there is still one last “kampong” (malay word for village) surviving here? This is hard to believe considering that almost the whole of Singapore has been developed. The younger generation may not even have heard of this last village in Singapore!

Kampong Buangkok was built in 1956 and is the last surviving village in Singapore. It is located in Hougang, the north eastern region of Singapore. There were rumours that this village would be torn down soon so I decided to go down and explore it before the chance to see the village is gone forever.

Walking through the village was an eye-opening experience and observe sights that were no longer present in anywhere else in Singapore. The residents still live in kampong houses and there are still overhead cables in the village (almost all of the power cables are laid underground in Singapore).

It felt very peaceful in the village and I guessed that a slower and relaxed lifestyle might be the reason the residents chose to remain in the village and not move out to modern housing estates. For people who have never heard of Kampong Buangkok or yet to visit it, do come down here to take a short escape from your busy city life before the village gets torn down and the area is developed.

written by dabai on 2011-04-03 #places #village #sensia #outing #singapore #location #venue #lca #exploration #buangkok

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