Primrose Hill Banksy?


London Hit List #25 Primrose Hill Bansky

If you keep your eyes open you can find works by Banksy (or inspired by Banksy) throughout London. When I walked through Primrose Hill I saw the ‘Make Tea Not War’ painting on the side of a cafe (the cafe it is on is also really good!) and there is also one of a child the next street over. I love the juxtaposition between street art and the genteel feel of Primrose Hill. Although now (with some online research) I find that the ‘Make Tea Not War’ one is not a real Banksy – I think it is just as cool! I like it even better than some true Banksys. While they still are not certain who the artist is – they know who the lady in the painting is – June Beechey, a recently retired local shopkeeper. As the “Make Tea Not War” is not a real Banksy, I suppose it is highly unlikely that the child on the next street over is…but even though it might not be a true Banksy – it is well worth a look on your next walk through Primrose Hill.

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  1. steph234123
    steph234123 ·

    Thanks so much for picking up on this Kitde. This is in fact (in has become clear as of recent) a "Bambi" work. The artist made big news out of his/ her 'A bit Like Marmite' piece to mark the celebration of the royals wedding: nswer_to_ban.... And there is even a facebook fan page now too! : 5851018805. I reckon this is just the beginning for this artist..

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