Lomowalk Nijmegen


This is a brief article about the recent Lomowalk in Nijmegen.

Nijmegen. I’ve seen the name of that town on the motorway signs many times while speeding up towards Germany at the start of a new journey to the south of Europe or on my way back, flashing past Arnhem. Never had an opportunity to stop there, until now.

Being in Nijmegen gives you a very cozy feeling – it is large enough to accommodate various districts on either sides of the river Waal. However, it is also compact enough to cover most of the historic center by foot. What strikes one the most is a large number of references to Roman times. Many squares and streets bear names of one or another Roman emperor. In my nativity (and taking the relative proximity of neighboring Germany into account) I first thought that all those names were referring to the German emperors but apparently the city is so old that it even witnessed Roman time. Here on the river Waal was the border – the border between the Empire and the rest. One witnesses history here, Noviomagus.

All in all, the Lomowalk in Nijmegen was very successful – a large group of enthusiastic participants (thanks to Manja for organizing this), creative ideas of how and where the Lomo posters should be placed on or next to various historic monuments (no damage done ;-)) and a number of tips exchanges! Still, live and learn – one of my photo films turned too overexposed. Next time it’ll be better. ;-)

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