Agfa Agfachrome Ct-X slide film (100 iso, 35mm)

A trip right back to the 60’s with Agfachrome colours.

One fine day, I was looking in old photo labs nearby for expired slide films to buy, when I found a couple of this unknown (for me) slide film: Agfa Agfachrome Ct-x. The film was expired but it looked like it was stored in good condition, the package and canister was in mint condition. In the next morning after I bought the film, the day was awesome with no clouds and bright sun, I decided to visit an Oriental garden nearby, I loaded my Lomo LC-A with my new “old” film, crossed my fingers and shoot like there’s no tomorrow.

I confess that I was a bit anxious while I was waiting for the film to process (cross-process) but in the end I was very surprised by the results. The cross-process shifted the colours to a kind of turquoise tone, the reds, gold and vivid greens looses a bit but the overall result is great, blending the colours and giving photos that vintage look.

The combination of the Lomo LC-A, film, colour shifts and saturation made the photos look like they had been taken in the 60´s. I love it. It is not my favourite slide film but it is a good alternative when you are looking for something different from Kodak, Fuji and other slide films. Too bad I have found just a couple of rolls of this film, with the arrival of the spring and his sunny bright days, I’m pretty sure that I could achieve much better results, it is a great film to shoot clear blue skies, the more clear and blue the sky is the more turquoise colour shift you get when cross-processing.

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