Hotspots\Highlights & Portraits (Kodak Tipster)

Pretty much it’s the tipster for ppl who has lots of old 90’s expired film like KODAK and doesn’t know how cool and awesome they actually are :3 Last summer I got a bunch of KODAK Gold 100 film rolls almost for free, cos they were expired and hidden on some dusty shelves of a family store in the middle of nowhere (good-old-Missori state). So I started my experiments with the way of using sunlight in analogue photography and here are some of them (:

Well, I met lots of people who are afraid of taking pictures “against the sun”, cos they thought it might cause the blurry overexposures and lost of the detail in the picture. I decided to use patches of reflected light to HIGHLIGHT the details of the shot. I used the old soviet camera – Kiev-4 to take portraits of my friends, trying to get them in a pretty dark room and put them on the stool in front of the window during a couple of sunny afternoons. Here are some of results – the hotspots highlight the facial hair and eyes\eyebrows on the first one, and on the second – they make my buddy look like he was wearing a football jersey.

Credits: tb

My next idea was to make light leaks with my Lubitel 166 camera. I shot another roll of film trying to get all the things I wanted to highlight just in the MIDDLE of the shot. Than I got film it into Lubitel, open the “red window” on the back of the camera and rewind the kodak roll standing just in front of the window.

Credits: tb

And finally KODAK Gold 100 has a marvelous opportunities to make a handmade redscales, which gives you reds and greens at the same time! I also unrolled the undeveloped film in the street, so u can see the cool effects on the last picture with ships

Credits: tb


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