Experiment: Cheap Film Scanner and Redscale Film


Here’s another tipster that is quick but need some patience to accomplish!

The examples seen in this effect were done with DNP Centuria 100 (Do-It-Yourself Redscale Film). I recommend to use just any ordinary negative film that is both cheap and simple to play with.

What You’ll Need

• 1 Roll Redscale Negative Film
• Patience
• Cheap film scnanner (I bought it for USD 22.00 only!)

Step One:
Load the film into the camera. Snap, snap and snap. Rewind the film.

Step Two:
Keep your film at warm place (window, kitchen, etc). Just leave it up to a maximum of 4 months. Add some patience and excitement while you wait for the result. Then process it normally and scan it with cheap film scanner.

Voila! these are my results;

written by pikc on 2011-04-11 #gear #tutorials #film #negative #redscale #tipster #quickie-tipster


  1. mariaratfingers
    mariaratfingers ·

    cool results!

  2. pikc
    pikc ·

    Thank you!

  3. khalilfahmi
    khalilfahmi ·

    cayalah anis.;)

  4. pikc
    pikc ·

    Terima kasih kawan-kawan.

  5. pikc
    pikc ·

    Terima kasih kawan-kawan.

  6. pikc
    pikc ·

    Thanks to all!

  7. tmukmkd
    tmukmkd ·

    akhirnya aku masuk balik dalam lomowall. aku baru upload redscale. semalam baru re-scan. kene check betul2 dia tak buat color correction b4 scan. haiz

  8. pikc
    pikc ·

    Kena betulkan sendirilah nampaknya.

  9. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    do you think it is really necessary to let the redscale film rest for 4 months ?
    I think the effect mainly comes from the cheap scanner :). As the film is redscale the scanner has some trouble with the auto-white balance. Maybee the scan is only with 8-bit color-depth then the inverting is a little hard to do ..

  10. luna_antonio
    luna_antonio ·

    totally agree with @angelhaken the result comes from the cheap scanner not the film. I bet if you send them to print, you´ll be most amazing by the results and the complete different outcome you get. ever tried using a good scanner on them. I assure you time is unlikely to affect the negative inside the cannister.

  11. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    @luna_antonio well i think the time ( 4 months on a hot place ) will actually effect the film but not in the way visible on the images. ( not really ) . You might loose some tonal range ( pictures get dull ) and you will loose some sharpness as well as the gelatine layer is affected by heat.

  12. lauragemalucas
    lauragemalucas ·

    which cheap scanner did you use? I really want to buy one for just 30 quids but im doubtful with the results i will get.. will my pictures be poor quality?

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