Buckingham Palace - A Royal Abode

London Hit List #21 Buckingham Palace is the quintessential royal abode, perhaps because it is the Queen’s official residence in London.

Every tourist who goes to London tends to make their way towards Buckingham Palace although it is only open to the public in the summer. It is called ‘Buckingham’ Palace because the original mansion on the site was owned by the Duke of Buckingham (it was acquired by George III in the 1700s), although it is now quite different from what the Duke of Buckingham would have been familiar with.

You can tell if the Queen is inside the residence by the flags – if the royal standard is flying rather than the Union Jack, the Queen is in residence. I don’t think anyone visiting London can get away with not seeing Buckingham Palace!

written by kitde on 2011-03-28 #places #landmark #location #lcg-hitlist-london-palace-buckingham-queen-royal

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