Madrid Knows the Future Is Analogue


A TV commercial for the city of Madrid produced for and aired on MTV features the Diana F+ (and lots of other analogue things!).

Chances are, you have seen the Diana F+ on TV. The city of Madrid asked Diego Hurtado de Mendoza to produce a TV commercial for them, to be aired on MTV. He chose to give a role not only to young Spanish hipsters, but also one to the Diana F+, which you can see at 0:30 in the video below:

Also worthy of note is that Diego Hurtado de Mendoza (as well as the Madrid tourist office) seems to have discovered that The Future Is Analogue – the TV commercial mainly shows analogue things to do in Madrid, such as playing chess, spinning vinyl tunes, listening to an old school ghetto blaster in a public park, and yes, taking analogue pictures. Hooray!

written by erdnusskeks on 2011-07-01 #news #tourism #commercial #ad #lomography #madrid #diana-f #mtv #news

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