Influential Photographs: Man on the Moon, 1969 by Neil Armstrong


This photograph is literally out of this world. We, worldlings, will surely remember it – to infinity and beyond!

image from NASA

Man had a mission and a vision to walk on the Earth’s moon. This became a reality in 1969 when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins landed on the lunar surface via the spaceflight named Apollo 11.

Neil Armstrong had the camera, a 70 mm Hasselblad, most of the time and this explains why most of the historic pictures taken during the mission show Buzz Aldrin. In this particular photo, which became one of the most famous photographs of the 20th Century, Neil not only captured his fellow astronaut’s defining moment in space, he also immortalized the proof that he was present in that historical achievement as well.

If we would take a closer look on the reflection of Buzz’s reflection and then if we would de-sphere, it we would find a more identifiable, mirror image of the photographer who was none other than Neil himself.

image from

Continuous discoveries and missions in the outer space are being launched and made my man. This significant photograph is permanently etched in our minds and it will always inspire and remind us about man’s capacity and intellect to explore the outside world.

In related to this, we, earthlings, recently witnessed ‘a Supermoon’ when our moon closely approached our planet. Were you able to capture the full moon in film? Post the link to the image in the comments.

Read more about the Apollo 11's moonlanding. Read more about the Influential Photographs Series.

Our intention with the Influential Photographs columns is not to glorify or demean the subject of the photo. Our intention with this column is to highlight the most influential analogue photographs of history. The photographs we feature are considered icons, for their composition, subject matter, or avant-garde artistic value.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    last saturday Supermoon view from Italy…

  2. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    I did shoot the supermoon, with my beloved minolta xe-1 and 135mm lens, haven't finished the film yet though.

  3. souperphly
    souperphly ·

    The horizon looks like it's about 100 yards away!

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