Lomography RedScale (35mm, 100 iso) user-review


Cross processed-like results without the photolab trouble! Red, red, red!

Cross processed-like results without the photolab trouble! Red, red, red!

Amazing! That’s it: Simply amazing!
You take an ordinary colour negative film and turn it around so you can shoot through the wrong side of the film. D.I.Y. redscaling can be a lucrative task but don’t get me wrong, it’s just as if the lomo-god answered all my prayers and produced a ready to expose, redscaled film!

The world’s first redscale film. With its 100 ASA you can shoot outdoors without any problem. Strange enough, this beauty has quite good results in lower light conditions too. It works perfectly with LC-A. At times though I am having trouble scanning the negatives including its sprocket holes. It becomes quite bright (but that depends on what scanner you use, i think).

You can have lots of different red tones like that of Fuji Sensia when cross-processed but without going through all the trouble of looking for a lab that will do it for you, because you only need to develop this redscale film in C41. Meaning a 1-hour photolab can process this film for you anytime and anywhere!

So when you want orange-red looking images effortlessly and without the manic lab troubles, I say grab a pack of Lomo Redscale 100 film now!

written by mephisto19 on 2009-01-24 #gear #35mm #review #redscale #lomography


  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Yeah, I love the Lomo redscale too! :))

  2. amydances
    amydances ·

    Ah great...i have a couple of rolls to use and i never thought how convenient they are to develop and STILL get cool results! Bliss!

  3. tiffxi
    tiffxi ·

    but when you cross-process fuji sensia (and other slides), you also process them in c41, meaning they are also processed in 1-hour labs :) cool photos btw :)

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